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Wedding confidence
  • 14 October 2021
  • Debbie

How do you feel when you’ve been invited to a wedding? Instead of the first thought being how lovely, is it ‘what on earth am I going to wear and how will I feel confident enough to talk to the guests?!’.


Well that was me. I only knew the bride and groom and his 2 children. I’m short, dumpy and I hardly ever wear heels so I always feel quite self conscious. However this time, I decided to do all I could to make myself feel good about how I felt. 


First stop I found a dress, then I got my nails professionally done but then the most important part was I went and chatted to Melissa at the salon. I took along a few photos of hair up that I quite liked and explained that I wanted my hair to look naturally good. We first coloured my hair - had to get rid of the greys to a lovely copper colour and then proceeded to do a trial run. Melissa really understood what I was asking for and afterwards we discussed how we would perfect the look. 


On the day, as soon as I left the salon I felt somehow different, more confident about myself. I think this is the difference, if you feel good inside then you look good. I got so many compliments that day but most of all I had a great time and so next time I get an invite for any occasion I’ll know what to do. Ensure my hair looks good and then I’ll feel great and I’ll be able to enjoy myself.

Wedding confidence