Southwood Hair Design : Unisex Hairdressing Salon: Tunbridge Wells
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Goldwell hair care products at Southwood Hair Design in Tunbridge Wells

Goldwell hair care products at Southwood Hair Design in Tunbridge Wells

Goldwell hair care products at Southwood Hair Design in Tunbridge Wells

Goldwell hair care products at Southwood Hair Design in Tunbridge Wells

Your stylist team

We are a friendly, close knit team that bring to the salon a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience.

Katie Hoare - hairdresser

Katie Hoare

Katie joined us in Summer 2011. She has become a popular team member and is building up a loyal collection of clients.

"I previously worked for four years in a salon in Tonbridge, but decided I needed to move on to somewhere where I could use all my skills. Southwood Hair Design has allowed me to gain full confidence and I am so pleased I joined the team", said Katie.

Katie is an excellent stylist and has a holistic approach to all her work. This is what Southwood Hair Design is all about.

Pauline Carden - hairdresser

Pauline Carden

Pauline has been hairdressing many years (too many to recall), but still she feels fresh about the job because of the constant need to remain up to date with all the latest trends and ideas.

"I do this by receiving and carrying out regular training sessions by Goldwell."

Ellie Heasman - hairdresser

Ellie Heasman

Ellie began her career as a saturday girl, here at Southwood Hair Design. She couldn't decide whether to be a hair stylist or a beauty therapist.

She quickly settled into the hairdressing pathway and has completed all her training NVQ Level 2 in both ladies and gents hairdressing and the VCTC Level 3 Ladies Hairstyling and corrective colour work, predominantly achieving either merits or distinctions. Ellie said "I love my work at Southwood Hair Design, I continue to develop and enhance my skills by listening to the stylists and ask for help if I need it. It is so important to listen to the clients and make sure I fulfill their wishes and their needs."

Ellie will be attending further courses at the Goldwell Academy in London which she enjoys and developing her skills, feeding her insatiable appetite for further development. Ellie has become a valuable asset to Southwood Hair Design and is continuing to achieve a regular and established clientele.

Emily Wooster - haidresser

Emily Wooster

Emily is our newest full time member of our team. She joined Southwood Hair Design after completing her VCTC level 3, achieving merits and distinctions in all aspects of her coursework and had previously worked in two busy main town salons. She entered two competitions while training and achieved 2nd place in each. Emily said "I never quite got first unfortunately".

Emily is a very talented stylist who works quietly and confidently. Linda added "I certainly feel lucky to have her working with me".

Emily commented that "that there are favourite aspects of my job but it is important to me that I achieve above and beyond clients expectations and I look forward to meeting new clients and use my skills to give clients the look they want".

Lucy Barrett - hairdresser

Lucy Barrett

Lucy loves anything and everything hair!!! She began at Southwood Hair Design originally as work experience and then progressed to helping out as a Saturday girl assisting the stylists. As of October 2017 Lucy has started her Trailblazer apprenticeship to achieve her first qualification in hairdressing. This means that not only will she be working towards her qualification she will also be in the salon learning from the stylists and practising her skills and knowledge.

Her exceptional hard work and dedication to her job will enable her to excel in her studies and we look forward to seeing her gaining in confidence and working towards her hairdressing goals.